Friday, August 1, 2008

Traveling--its what we do..........unfortunately!

I have no idea where to begin. About two weeks after we had Charly, we hit the road consistently. Between check ups and visiting family and friends, we seriously have been on the road every week. We have not gone more than a day without someone stopping by to see us. We feel very loved and want to say thanks to those that have stopped in and been so loving toward Ben and I.

This picture is taken around four weeks. Charly spent her four week "Birthday" at mine and Ben's favorite place to ride dirt bikes...the sand dunes! We went out and spent the day with my family. Unfortunately the sand was a tad too soft for me, so I only rode for a little bit before I tired out. I hate being overweight!If any of you know, my sister is getting married! We are so excited for her. My mother and I went to Logan to go wedding dress shopping with her and stopped in and saw my Grandparents and Aunt. This is my Aunt Carrie.
This is my four generation picture. This is my Grandpa and Grandpa Anderson, my mom, and me and Charly.
You would not believe this but my Grandpa is 97! He has seen a lot in his time. Just think about it, he has seen the great depression, both World Wars, and 911 just to name a few. He was around when there was barely any technology and look at what we have today! CRAZY!

We stopped in and saw Beau and Shalae. They just had a baby too! It is really fun to see there little girls and boy. I wish we saw them more because family really is everything. This picture is Catilyn and Charly. Catilyn was born on the 26th. She is a cutie. I think she looks like Beau.

This is Grandma Tippetts, it is hard to call her that since she is so young. I love my Mother-in-law Dauni. She is the funnest, most level headed person. I enjoy being with her thoroughly!

This is my drop-dead gorgeous sister Jess. She is getting married on August 7th. I am so happy for her!
Alright, lets make this known right off the bat.....THAT IS MY CHILD! This pic kinda looks like there own family picture. Jess is just so stinking proud of her neice and Elvin just loves being with Jess so he is always happy. Oh yeah, Elvin is my future brother-in-law. He is a dang good guy...once in a lifetime for Jess.

THIS IS MY HUNK OF A MAN:D Ben is a kick in the pants. I did not post all the pictures he took of himself because that would have taken eons! Ben grew his beard out extremely long (don't know how to spell that). I mean it was grizzly adams. So I asked him to cut it, he wouldn't. SO, eventually he did because he has to for work when they drill into a toxic surface in the earth's crust you could say.
Baby cousins meet for the first time! This is Catilyn and Charly.
Proud father Beau is on the left and Ben on the right. This is Savannah! She is adorable. She hates getting her picture taken, this is the best I could do!
Ths is my bro Phil and Merlin. Her name is Mirian but I can't help but still call her Merlin. She is a DOLL!

K--for those of you who are bloggers, I NEED HELP! I am terrible at blogging. So if you have any tips...fill me in! That would be you JODI! I would appreciate it and please keep the comments coming....Ben and I LOVE THEM!