Saturday, February 20, 2010

Still goin

It is has been a while since I wanted to post anything, simply because time is always against me it seems. Work is slow today (YIPEE!!!), so I thought I would jot something down real quick like so those of you that "care" can see we are alive and hangin in there!

I got to go skiing a couple of weekends ago with my sister, mom, and dad at Beaver Mountain. It was simply the best weekend I have had in months...MONTHS! The last time I did something that fun was my birthday when I went on a decent ride with Ben, by ourselves! The best part of the weekend was the fact I felt like I still had game in the skiing department. I have been twice in three years....that is so utterly sad and pathetic to admit. BUT< I got to stay two nights with Jes without the other halves and my Charly. It was so fun, but not long enough. I think round two needs to be put together...what do ya think sis?

Ben went snowmobiling up in Togwotee with my brothers and brother-in-law. He had a pretty good time, but always comes home saying that Dry Creek is just the best for a number of reasons...

We also made a mad dash run over to Laramie for a Pharmacy interview (sorry to those we should have called and visited-we were in a rush!). Charly stayed with Grandma Tippetts...she was fortunate to not make the 8 hour drive. We stayed there for a blink of an eye, literally, then drove back to SV that night, then to home the next morning. We were wiped out...the rest of the week was just shot.

We now have more Pharmacy interviesw the next two weeks and more......DRIVING! Oh how I love it (sarcasm is heavily applied to such a statement).

I would post a bunch of pictures, if my dear beloved could only find our camera. And here I thought I was the only one that lost things around here!

Hope you all are surviving these long months. Me, I am longing for summer, camping, good dirt bikin, and just being outside....