Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Rafting the snake and my schpeel on paranoidism....

For the 4th of July the Bennett's all got together to go rafting down the snake river in Wyoming.
We camped up the Grey's and it was just stinking beautiful.
It was really fun to have Carrie, Madison, and Tyson come up and spend time with us. Bronson and David are so stinkin fun with the kids. I can't wait to see them with Charly when she gets older. Jes and I are no fun, we be the inforcers :D
Here is Jes and I. What can I say, she is a stud. I was all paranoid about rafting this time.
The water was also pretty chilly. We all jumped in. To hold true to Wyoming weather, it hailed on us the last trip down. What a time! Elvin went panzy on us by wearing Bronson's rain gear while his wife was freezing....men.
Some of the fam went into Jackson to watch the fireworks. Ben and I stayed behind with mami because she had held down the fort the whole day with three dogs and Charly. No worries though, Ma is always packin heat:D
This is Dad, David and Bronson enjoying the show.These are my cousins and my aunt. I felt so bad because I scared Madison half to death when we went down the snake due to my paranoia. She was already scared as is, but I know with David getting sucked out of the raft and me being all anal, she was doomed!
So allow me indulge a tad about my paranoia rafting the snake. I have rafted the snake a handful of times before this...no problem.
This wasn't my first rodeo people, but I was a certifiable nut job this go around. By the last trip down the river, I was remembering why I loved it (that was trip five!!!!!)
ANYWAY, the week before we went a man was killed....but he went over three oar deal. Three oar deal is a Class 5 Regurgitator, I think that is what David called it, and that means it is mean shiz and will just keep sucking you down like a washing machine. It almost killed my own father years ago. So that kinda got me going.
Another thing that got me was David's commands. David is all about hitting it hard and all the big stuff. I thought for the first four runs he was shouting because we were all going to die if we didn't get the raft right...that wasn't the case, I am just nuts and he wanted to hit the goods!
Once I understood what he was doing and what was going on with the river....thanks to David explaining....I finally chilled. Sissy got me through though.

I have to say mad props to Ben and Bronson up front of the raft. Bronson has a banged up hand and was all over that water paddling his guts out. When he got all serious, it was only so he could get us to the big stuff, yet I took it like we were going to DIE. Him and ben were just cracking me up to no end talking about all of the trees and nature in midst of going through big rapids.

I need to give a shout out to sis cause she kept me sane. I know when she gets nervous, it is time to be a tad worried. She never got worried. She has been down this beast in a flipping Kayak! Insane...

Now what would a family get together be like without Elvin, my bro in law. He teased me the whole time and got my goat a few times cuz I am stinking gullable. I like his humor...he just fits in with our family.

And finally, David. He was our head man leading us down and did a SUPERB job. I really never felt like I was in harms way. I had my husband in front of me and my brother behind. I knew they both were watching out for me. I think Bronson just wanted to throw me in because I was such a panzy!

The trip was good. Mami and Pa did all the dirty work. Pa was the shuttle and Mami was the babysitter. Charly didn't like me when we left because she literally wanted Grammy and not me...

I just love summer and it is almost over, well by Wyoming standards-I don't know about Idaho. I hop we can get more dirt biking in and leizure time before school starts up again!


Friday, July 10, 2009

Bitter Sweet

Good Luck South Dakota!! HE BE A WILD ONE!
Our "life of the party" bro Phil received his mission call to the Rapid City South Dakota Mission.
Ben and I couldn't be more thrilled and happier for Phil. Missions are just so stinkin bitter sweet for me. I am so happy he has chose to serve, but man will I miss him. I AM SELFISH!!!!
He will leave on Septeber 9th. SO LADIES, be prepared, the dating world is about to get pretty dull!