Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Procastination-HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

One year down, 17 more to go and I am free!

JOKES! My baby turned 1 on June 20th and it was quite the little party for her!

Charly has always been such a smiley baby full of giggles shared mostly with dad. This past year has been the most adjusting I have ever done. I swear, everytime I get used to one stage of development...she is moving onto the next leaving me in the dust!
This last month Charly picked up the fine art of WALKING! Yahoo, she is on her own now:D It was a glorious day when she decided to sleep through the night! For those of you who had babies that slept through the night from the get-go...I hate you:D
Charly is a particular little thing, just like daddy. She hates pacifiers, bottles, formula, and most of all...not having your FULL attention. She still loves to pack around a tooth brush, it is her most saught after item (I should have bought tooth brushes instead for her birthday).
And lastly, this little love bug that has come into our lives has changed them forever. I never knew we could have such an intense love for her. You hear about it, but to experience it is something else! To all of my dear friends expecting, hold on for the ride of your life. It is CRAZY, but so worth it!

Charlize was born at 2:34 on Friday in Jackson Hole WYO. She weighed 6 lbs. 12 oz and was 19 1/2 inches. She was a pretty easy delivery for a first timer and being induced. I kiss her everyday for that:D
As much as I didn't want to put this one in....I just HAD TO. LOOK AT ME! I am HUGE and FRUMPY! I don't wear pregnancy very well:DI don't have many full body shots of myself these days as we try to avoid them, but this is me in and the bug in May at BEAR WORLD!
She ate so much and so fast that she horked down a little confetti piece and puked EVERYTHING up, I mean everything....yak!
The Big ONE!
Grammy Bennett spoils her...too much!
My dearest friend....Jes. Thanks for coming up. You made her day!
LOOK OUT! What a serious face!
Stu and Mili, she is halfway done being pregnant and she looks AMAZING...imagine my disgust and jelously!

We were playing and made her a hunchback...she didn't care!
Sis and the gremlin!
COOKIE TIME! She loves her treatsies!

She gets after food like a true BENNETT!
If she is going to have Ben as a dad, then she is going to have to be tough as nails!
What a STINK! Ew I just love her!
Like I said previously, I am so happy I decided to have children! It has been the best thing I could have ever done. I love staying home with her and playing all day. She just cracks me up and has me forever wrapped around those little fingers!
Happy Birthday to our sweet little Charlize, we love you more than anything in this world!

Friday, June 12, 2009

Yellowstone Part 1

I finally got around to posting our pictures to Yellowstone in May.
It was a fun vacation with the Tippetts with loads of laughs. I must say, you could put these people in a room with two chairs and no windows and they would have fun.
This was at Mammoth. It was different than I expected because it wasn't in full swing. It is in intermittent spring and we were off by several years or so.

Alex and Charly on our "hike."

I have an awesome Ma-in-law.

We tried a family wasn't happening!

Our hike was cut short due to snow...

This is some of Mammoth with no water....hence the intermittent spring thing.

I already posted this one, but I just love it. It makes me proud to say I am from Wyoming. What a stinking beautiful place to be.

The Tippetts had a family photo here 20 years ago, give or take. So we decided to try for another one although half of the fam wasn't able to come.

My sweet bro Philis. He cracked me up the whole time. Needless to say he got me giggling like a little girl more than once.

Loads of buffs, but no BEARS! They were all over the roads. Jeff (pa-in-law) was sandwiched between two huge buffs on his road bike. He then started it up as they walked by "in-case" he needed to make a run for it although there was nowhere to go!

I can't get enough of this kid! She was pretty good the whole trip. I loved riding in the Duramax. It put Charly to sleep quick. It was so big and luxurious compared to the Sunfire:D

Here is Phil again. We be tight!

Few know this, and even less believe me when I say Ben has a funny personality. He rarely smiles in pictures...tough guy. ARG!

We had to stop at the Old Faithful Inn. It was stinking awesome and my home will be something like it....kind of:D

Oh sweet Charly and Granpda. I think I am going to hire him as a nanny!

We couldn't go all the way to the top because earthquakes had made in unstable. I dared Phil, but he wasn't buyin...

This was saying the water is hot, notice in the last post my Ma-in-law is playing in it...CRAZY Tippetts!

This one is called the abyss....I liked it:D
Deep and reminds me of myself. HA!

It is not over yet! Scroll down to my next post. I have more fun pictures!

Yellowstone part 2

So this is Dauni playing in the hot water. She had to test it because the steam and the signs just weren't doing it for her!

They smelt funky, but I just wanted to jump in!

When I took this picture, there were some Japanese folk behind me. They were a little weirded out by the looks on their faces.

I took a bunch of good pictures of the tetons while on the back of Jeff's bike. I just randomly picked this one. It was such a pretty day!

Charly is wrapped around that mans finger. All I had to do was feed her, bathe her, and change her. Gramps did the rest! Thanks Jeff for the break!

This is at signal mountain. The tetons are behind the trees (Ben offered to chop them down).

These are my crazy in-laws. I must say I love them to death. They just make everything fun.

Charly and Grandpa again. They really were inseperable. It took me a week for her to get used to not being held again!

Yeah, thats right. I am a biker babe! HA HA!

Man I got lucky marrying a mean biker dude! The people in Bubba's (good eats in Jackson) were laughing at us. We clearly didn't care!

Suiting up at the Wendy's parking lot. We just had to stop at Wendy's because I love Wendy's in Jackson. After a prenatal check-up, on the way home to Pinedale we would eat there. OH I LOVE IT!
I have a good deal more of pictures. I hope that holds ya over Jes because I hate posting pics on here! I also have pictures from bear world. That was way cool as well!
Stay tuned for many pictures are to come when I feel like posting them!

***I would like to apologize to my mother for my poor grammar and spelling. Spelling and all that jazz just ain't my thing ma! It ain't make no difference to me how it looks:D