Sunday, August 23, 2009

I found it!

Have you ever lost something and that pit of "oh crap" just lingered in your guts? I did that slick move these past months with our camera.
I felt like crap because we love to take pictures of Charly and what we are up to. The best thing my parents have ever given me was photos of my life as a child and home videos on DVD from the day I was brought out of the hospital to the present. Toys and such stuff will eventually be forgotten as we age, but memories are priceless and are what I hold onto dearly.
SO just imagine my panic when I still couldn't find this dang thing after a month. I finally humbled myself, said a quick prayer because there was no way we were going to be able to purchase another camera as good as this one, and set back to the truck to find that thing. In about 5 minutes, I found it. It was under the seat laying up against the metal brackets that hold the seat in place-it was all "stealth-like" so I couldn't see it the other thousand times I frantically searched the truck!!
Oh sweat sunshine that feeling that washed over me was like much needed rain on a dry, summer day!
With that being said...I have pictures to show you!!

We had the opportunity to go boating at Palisades in Idaho yesterday with Ben's family. Never been boating there...heck, haven't had the chance to go boating in three or so years, but whose counting? Charly is the only reason I am okay with not living the life I used to. Thank goodness for children! They really ground you to what matters I suppose, at least for me:D

Ben celebrated 27 on the 20th. I bought him a shot gun case (we need one now, right?), a rain slicker for hunting, and some weights. He thinks he is fat...I think he is a hunk!

Charly is quite the scowler...I don't know why either.

The picture is kind of blurry, but look at that gut!

All I have to say is life is good and gets even better with kids. I love this little critter!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Getting Older-almost 30!

Happy Birthday LOVE! Almost 30! Well not really, more like 27!
To the man with so many names (Love, Babe, Charles, Chuck, Ben, Beaner, Ben Bum, etc.), I want you to know how much I am in love you. Thanks for being my therapist, my cheerleader, my shoulder to bawl on, the giggle buddy, my best friend, and my true love.
Many thought I was crazy rushin off to marry you (we dated a year and a half in case ya forgot), but I sure knew how amazing you were.
Thank you, thank you for being in my life! You have made it so much sunnier and warmer.

This day is also important, remember? Well I will refresh your memory. You asked me to marry you this day four years ago by the tree you carved our initials into. What a sweet memory. I wouldn't change our lives one you gave me one beautiful daughter, thanks.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Not just any old birthday!

I celebrated my 23rd birthday on Saturday. It was such a fun day! I can honestly say that this was my best birthday ever!!! Here is the kicker though, we have misplaced our camera so no pics on this post!

Real quick, my day started off fantastic with the safe arrival of Stu and Mili's baby girl. She was born around 7 a.m. and I am just thrilled to share my birthday with her! She was six weeks early, so it was unexpected.

Then I had to go to work, blah! After that, my sister watched Charly so Ben and I could go riding. I haven't had a ride like that with Ben in a while so it was a blast! We went outside of Inkom on this one track with lots of fun rocks and stumps to climb!

When we got back, the Cardon's came by with a SUPERB cake. I honestly can say that is the best cake I have ever tasted!

We opened up some gifts and I want to say thanks to the Cardon's for my favorite shampoo and some shot gun shells.

My gift from Ben was pretty sweet. He bought me a Wetherby PA-08 shot gun. Later I found out my brother and dad were in on the deal as well, so thanks to them as well. Now I am really anxious to get back into shootiong again!

I want to thank sis also for coming up and watching Charly so Ben and I could go out to dinner and ride our dirt bikes. It was super fun and she even let me wax her eye brows! WAHOO! I love doin that:D

It was a great day and I hope to have some picture of me shooting that sweet gun soon!

As a side note, I want everyone to know my husband is romantic. It may come off as he isn't, that is mostly because I grew up around boys all the time and like boy stuff! So he is romantic, trust me. I want him to know I am so thankful for a wonderful day!