Tuesday, January 20, 2009

I feel like Wayne with his collection of hair nets and name tags....

If some of you aren't well adversed in Wayne's World, then you probably have no clue what I am talking about. Pretty much, it means you have always worked LAME-O jobs. That is the epitome of my life (except when I was a para).
Anyways-things have been a tad hectic, but it's the good kind! Let me give you the readers digest version starting with Christmas.

CHRISTMAS: Good stuff. Had fun with family and friends--twins! Favorite gifts from parentals were all the home videos my parents have on DVD--priceless. Dad also got me a wheat grinder--oh baby does it grind! Charles got me a sewing machine cuz remember I am workin on crafty--think crafty lace. Ma and Pa were amazing and made the Holidays great!
HUNTING: Bronson and Charles went hunting. They didn't have any luck on this particular hunt photographed below, but they did the following week. Bronson was the guide and let Ben shoot his first elk. Here is the kicker, BEN DIDN'T GET THE TEETH ON HIS FIRST ELK--needless to say I was PISSED! Thanks B for takin the hubby out and "bonding." He aint easy to bond with and you hit his sweat spot:D

TWINERS: I got to see megs and mand. I miss them a lot. I miss laughing till I peed my pants. We did this a lot, well I did anyways. We just got hung out and picked up where we left off...that is a sign of friends for life!

MOVING: Yes, we moved again. That will be four times in five months. We moved out of our little house because an opportunity to move came and Charly bug was freezing there. We now live on campus in student town houses. They are really nice and have a pretty good flat rate for everything--including, get this....CABLE! First time in our whole existence as "Ben and Laycee" that we have cable!

SCHOOL AND WORK: Well, school is up and going. Ben is also working. No need to digress on such mundane subjects! Me, I have not yet found work yet as an MT. I will digress here...
Getting a job right now is the, well it is the pits! That is where the title about Wayne comes in. I feel only qualified to flip burgers at BK, and somedays not even that!

Ben knows I have been down lately and when I came to bed late last night, he just made my day. He was already sacked out since feeding the wee one took a bit longer than usual. On my pillow was a post-it that said, "I love you very much" and it just made me realize the bigger picture.

I am so thankful for my own, personal therapist. He goes by many a name; Charles, Ben, Ben Bum, Handsome Rob, Beaner, Benson, Sphen Sphen. How I got so lucky, the good Lord only knows! **Bronson has given him half those names**

Charly has spunk these days. She loves goobering up everything with her slobbery hands.

Bath time is my all time favorite part of the day...she knows bedtime is coming when we throw her in and she rarely fights us anymore for bed since we started consistently doing this routine.

I love her eyes. I think with her blue eyes and reddish hair, she is gonna be a heartbreaker...but I think all parents say that about their kids.

Jes has been up a few times to see us and it has been really nice. She loves my baby and that means the world to me. Here they are after bath time!

Here is scroungy mcghee himself...Brony just cracks me up! He is single...better jump on that ladies!
Cokeville is just gorgeous! I love the mountains that lie around it. According to Bronson, Ben has tracked those hills the most next to him and that is saying a lot. I appreciate Ben for working hard and hiking his guts out to put food on the table.

Here is the mad man himself. David always has called Ben Mad Max. It sticks if you ask me!

I absolutely love this picture of me and my dad. What a man! I get all teared up when I think about how much I love him. I hope Charly gets to know him since I never got to know my grandpa Bennett. It hurts to think I missed out on such an incredible man and I would hate for Charly to have to feel the same about my dad.

Dad and his girls. He is a softy for his girls.

Dad and all his boys. He always wanted more, thanks to Jes he got one more.

Many don't know this, but my dad is a HOOT! He comes off all mean and gruff at the high school, but he usually is quite the jokster at home.

Here is Bronson in his gruffness. What is it about men and their gruffness? It is a good thing I like it cuz Ben hasn't shaved his beard off completely in a year.

Doesn't my ma look so tiny?

This is all of us, BUTCH INCLUDED--the dog.

Charly is really good with other people holding her. She is content with just about anything.

Ma really is the best when it comes to celebrating any occassion. She goes all out and makes it so special. Thank you mom for all the hard work. I can't even imagine all you have done and will do for me and the fam.

THOSE EYES! I am hooked. She got a cell phone in her stalking and she is qutie literally shocked!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009


So my good friend HO tagged me on her blog, and I need to be better so I am gonna do it. It will only be me though, no Ben...cuz Ho didn't tag Ben! Sorry LOVE!

4 random things about me
1. I love my beaner--this flannel lookin background reminds me of him.
2. Am learning to be crafty and a homemaker--not my forte, was more the manual labor type.
3. I love living in Pocatello--who'd a thunk right?
4. My sis is truly my best friend--who'd a thunk that one too, huh!

4 Movies I could watch more than once ** I struggled**
1. The Count of Monte Cristo
2. Waynes World
3. Kung Fu Panda
4. The Illusionist

4 T.V. shows I watch
1. That 70s Show
2. That 70s Show
3. More That 70s Show
4. Did I mention That 70s Show? We don't have cable--good ole bunny ears!

4 Places I've been
1. 4 Corners
2. Grand Targhee
3. Houston TX
4. Sand Dunes
*I was searching hard on that one....I am not well rounded I have decided**

4 People who email me regularly
1. JESS-hilarious crap...by the way, do you work while you're at work?!?! JK
2. spam crud
3. more spam crud
4. Sometimes friends, but close ones just call cuz I can't handle internet conversations. I am too zippy for them.

4 Favorite Foods
3. LOVE a good salad
4. If Diet drinks didn't make me feel nasty, I would go for them--Hey, I don't like to drink my calories! Pregnancy weight is still holdin strong--pesky crud!

4 Places I would like to visit
1. Ben promised to take me to the Caribbean-he lived there for a lil while and never shuts up about it so I want to see what all the hubba bubba is about:D
2. New Zealand
3. Canada-once again, Ben promised to take me there, hope to see some of Alaska too.
4. Russia, Germany, Great Wall--all that jazz

4 Things I am looking forward to this year
1. Losing this weight--it will be mine!
2. Riding my DIRT BIKE! OH sweet honey of life I can't wait!
3. Charly sleeping through the night--its getting better, once a night feedings mostly:D
4. Spending time with family.

4 People to TAG!
1. Jess
3. D
4. Shalae--I know your busy, but I don't know a lick about you!