Saturday, June 28, 2008


Charlize is already a daddy's girl. Ben is completely wrapped around her finger! Our favorite time of day is when she just wakes up and stretches out! She makes the most adorable faces!
Ben came home from work and was pretty pooped. I caught him and Charly cat napping on the couch. Look how identical their hair is! If you haven't noticed yet, this completely blows my mind!

Grandma is doing her job at spoiling this little girl. Grandma came up and stayed with her after she was born. She loved taking naps with her and letting her "air out" after a diaper change.

Charlize is photogenic...not a trait mother gave her.

This is my dad holding his first grandbaby. I have to say it was a pretty awesome experience seeing my dad hold my baby girl. It is about time he has a grandbaby!

This is my older sister holding her. I guess photogenic genes do run in my family...look how gorgeous my sister is! JEALOUS!

This is my older brother David. He looks burley, but he is a softy.

This is my other older brother Bronson. He is quite the character. He was a little stand-offish about holding her, but then he warmed up. It will be fun to see how Bronson and Charlize bond.

This is my brother-in-law Alex. I apologize the picture is sideways. I am no computer wiz...Ben was asleep when I put this together so this is the result of my computer skills! Alex is a huge kid person. He loves little kids. His wife will adore this trait.


Matt and Jodi Mitchell said...

Lace! Its so good to see your family! Now where are the picture of MAMA and baby bonding, cuz I KNOW there's a lot of that going on, Ben needs to get taking some pictures!

The Gurney's said...

LAYCEE!!!!! Oh my gosh!! This is your long lost friend Jeri! I am so happy to see how good you are doing!!!! Your baby is ADORABLE!!