Wednesday, October 8, 2008


I am happy to report that our sweet little gremlin is growing too fast!
She has discovered what I like to call the "two finger gag technique." It seriously cracks us up when she starts gagging and doesn't quite get why and keeps shoving those fingers in her mouth.
Charly is like mommy, she loves time with Ben. As soon as he can put the books down, they are two peas in a pod!
Believe it or not, she can stand!
My awesome sister came to see us over conference weekend. She is the only family member I have that has just come to see us for no reason. MAN I LOVE HER!
Right now we are trying to teach the gremlin how to sleep. My friend Laura lent me a book on sleeping habits. Ben and I are working very hard to apply them and not give in to her.
Seriously, it is really hard! Just look at her pictures and no further explanation is needed. She is a love bug!
But we are trying and in the words of my pa, "don't let her win!" That one cracked us up! That is my pappy, tell it how it is.

For those of you who have waaaaayyy to much free can check out a video I made for my parentals. Grandma and Grandpa Bennett are pretty busy and don't get to see The Gremlin too much so I posted an update on is the link.
Hope ya'll enjoy!


Jeri Gurney said...

She is standing??!! That is AMAZING!!

Britt said...

Oh my!!! She gets more adorable everytime you post something! I guess I am waaaaay bored but that video was soooo cute! You are amazing! Hope everything is going great for you guys!

Jeri Gurney said...

Laycee I love you! You are hilarious!

Emily Lemon said...

First, your daughter is gorgeous! Second, I tagged you on my blog!

Shalae said...

She is a cutie Laycee! It was fun to watch the video and see how she's so similar to Caitlyn - in the noises they make the gagging themselves with two fingers, etc! It will be so fun to have them hang out this weekend at the wedding! Can't wait to see you!

Eyre Family said...

You have one cute little girl, those eyes!!! SO I was wondering if your new brother-in-law went to Marsh Valley High School. And is his last name Adams by chance. If so then I know him, kind of. I think that he is my sister's age. If not then he looks very much like a guy from my high school who has the name of Elvin Adams. I just thought I might see how small the world is.

Eyre Family said...

That does help. Swan Lake people went to Marsh Valley so... My sister's name is Jennifer Solomon maiden name Larsen. And yes Odin is a gremlin also, Charly is so stinkin cute and I can't believe she can stand, that's amazing.