Thursday, September 24, 2009

Guilty Pleasures

So I am hoping that many of you can relate to this.
Ghost Adventures on TLC

I was first a tad embarrassed to admit that I totally dig this show. Most people follow other shows like The Office or Heros, or whatever else there is, not me. I am a weird-o majoro who enjoys this show entirely tooo much.
I finally came out when I found out my sister digs the show as that just makes her plain AWESOME!

Now, if you haven't seen this show. It is hilarious. They are just a bunch of ghost busters trying to antagonize ghosts. GOTTA LOVE IT!!!!

Thanks for the comments you guys all posted about my not so great moment breaking our tv. It is crazy how we all know that moderation is key--at least I think that is what ya'll were trying to tell me!

So yeah, that is one of my guilty pleasures that I am kinda ashamed to admit to. I only admit it because I enjoy it when others come out with theirs as well. It was fun to talk about it with my sister and laugh our heads off at how ridiculous we are:D

If ya'd like, leave me a comment on your "guilty pleasure". It would make me feel less embarassed and we could laugh together...who knows, we might share one or two...or three!!!

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