Friday, November 14, 2008

Catch Up!

The other day my sister Jes told me we needed to put more pictures on our blog. Well, I am here to tell you I HATE how long it takes. I am trying to be a patient person, but for the life of me I can not stand waiting for uploads! So I made a quick slide show on Youtube.

Now those peeps git er done fast and quick! My kind of people! On the left hand side is our youtube videos. The top one is the most recent and you will have to watch it to understand the spill below!

Here is a quick overview on what you are going to be viewing.
Ben's young bro, Stuart--my age--got married on October 18th to a wonderful gal. Mili is really quite the catch and I couldn't be happier for the both of em.

Halloween was ok. I am not that big on it. I guess I am a stink on this Holiday. Charly was a pumpkin. We hung out with our friends the Cardons and their two lil ones.

Elvin and Jes came up to Pocatello for the Military Ball. I had to run over to the hotel and see them all "dolled" up for the event. Jess looked stunning as usual. Elvin looked good too.

Finally, the last set of pictures is of Ben, Bronson, and Stu hunting. These pictures are taken in Cokeville at the Ranch. My Grandpa Anderson owns quite a chunk of land out there. They had a good time, I guess. They hiked their guts out and saw only deer and a few bull elk. Poor chaps! Hopefully the late hunt proves more fruitful! Bronson did manage to take down a calf the next day. Ben was ticked cuz he had lab and couldn't go!

Alright Jes, I did it! Now it is your turn pooh!


Jeri Gurney said...

Have you ever tried a web album? I use and I love it! Its supper easy and that way all your pictures are on there so if something ever happens and you loose your pictures off your computer/memory card they are always there. It is also nice to keep the pictures in order and orginized. Just thought I would let you know. You can see my web album @

Matt and Jodi Mitchell said...

Seriously Laycee...Where does that little girl of yours get her big beautiful eyes! They seriously amaze me! She is gonna be a HEARTBREAKER when she grows up, Ben will have to be sure to always be cleaning his guns when her little boyfriends start coming over! Kudos to the gorgeous parents that produce that adorable baby! I can't wait to see what the rest of your little "Chitlins" turn out like!

Jess said...

K, blah blah, now when you guys gonna get your buns up here???

Nacey family said...

Ben and Laycee,

Its your cuz Jesika!

I found your blog on Eva's. I haven't even seen your baby until now and she is absolutely adorable. Good job bringing her into the world. I'm going to link you to my blog. Talk to you soon!