Tuesday, December 2, 2008

4 years

It seems I can never really get all caught up when it comes to this bloggin thing. I guess I will just start with the begining of November.

October 31st, Ben and I celebrated our official 4 years of dating, so we went out for a dirt bike ride and a hike later that week outside of Pocatello. We put the Gremlin in the Kelti backpack and went for it! Good times. I am so grateful we really try to date eachother while married and keep the spark alive. Ben always seems to take me somewhere simple and make it feel like the best date ever.
I am easy to please. Take me for a dirt bike ride and I am yours baby!

Thanksgiving this year was spent in Provo. It was GREAT! I loved the food. Beau and Shalae went all out and couldn't have done a better job. Grandma Tippetts brought down some of my all-time favs. What a cook! I knew Shalae was a mad good cook too, but Beau literally floored me with his skills! Excellent Job! Well done you guys! Thanks!

We also took some pictures. Ben and I took a couple with Charly in her new outfit Grandma Tippetts made. It was adorable. She made some for all of her grandkids.

This is all of us! I am hoping Lex will bring another sister-in-law soon! I have to say I have the best in-laws ever! I feel really at home and they are all such good people.

Grandma and Grandpa Tippetts

Charly was blessed with great grandparents. They make all of their grandkids feel loved and appreciated. No favorites. All are loved equal. This means a lot to me.

Lately, Charlize has been having "skin issues." We have taken her to the Doc 3 times. We think it is a contact dermatitis. Right now, I have to cake on Petroleum Jelly and desitin and wash all clothes in free and clear detergent. I guess I should have been doing this anyways to prevent it...new mom syndrome--didn't know!
We got a swing. Thank you so much Aunt Carrie! I love all the hand-me-downs! The swing is a lifesaver. I try not to use it too much and I must say she is learning to fall asleep on her own and stay asleep. Now we just need to learn to sleep all night!

This picture cracks me up! The swing often makes her spu! Hence the puk!
Charlize loves sitting with dad while he studies. I think it is helping because he is doing really well in school. He literally rocked his ochem exam with a 99%. I was thrilled since we dropped everything, and I mean EVERYTHING, for him to be here going to school! Charles is one of those guys that literally tick me off. They are brilliant beyond words but they have no desire to work hard at it. Me, on the other hand, not so smart. But I work extremely hard at it so I can "appear" smart. What a rip!
I also forgot to mention my dear sister. She took us in Tuesday and Wednesday night. We had a good time staying with her! I got to watch Twilight while Ben took over Charlize. I liked the movie. I don't do to well with romance shows, but it was good nonetheless and Jess was cracking me up!
I got to see so many good friends this week. I saw Steve and Chels. They have the most adorable girl.
We met up with Jordan Sheets since he is home from his mission. Boy what a mission can do! He was the same but different in the good way!
Brit stopped in and saw me. I couldn't have loved it more!
Jodi and Mel stopped in as well. What a hoot to see old pals! Jodi, Mel...I miss seeing you two and all the good times we had acting like morons!
You both look great!
Thanks to everyone for seeing us and making Thanksgiving great! We have much to be greatful for, especially good friends and family!

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Cardon Times said...

I love Charly's dress. I wanted to tell you on Sunday, but I never really got a chance. I feel I haven't seen you for such a long time. We should get together....