Friday, March 27, 2009

Visitors and Visitees?

So I am unsure if my title makes sense, but I am hoping it got your attention...
If you don't want to read all of this, just look at the pics and you will get the point:D
We have had a lot of visitors the month of March and we have visited a lot of people as well.
I am the epitome of slacker when it comes to posting pictures. I have a lot of good ones, but they are yet to be uploaded, downloaded, somethin-loaded, to my computer (I am computer dumb!)
Since I work at home from my computer, I really have no desire to be on this thing much longer. A good book is callin my name and so is my bed. So here is the reader's digest version of the month.
1. Bronson came up and saw us in Pocatello. Yes, you read correctly. Someone in my family, other than Jes, came to see me! We grilled burgers and ate like Bennett's do, piglet style!
2. Jes came up that same weekends since Elvin, her hubby, had Gaurd in Rexburg. It was fun to have a house full of people. I can't wait till I have a lot of lil' turds runnin around, but thinking of the joys of not can be put off a tad longer.
3. We went to Kemmerer-I think the dude that founded that place can't spell, but who knows, eh? Ben had lab in Rockertown and I stayed at Tif's since it was a pit stop. It was nice to have her babysit while I plunked along on the computer. We had a good time roastin weenies around a campfire and eating some good, too good, dutch oven brownies. I have those pics, but they aren't on my computer just yet. But you shall see them soon enough.
4. We stopped off in E-town on our way back and saw my parents. It is always nice to go home when no one else is there because I am the MAIN ATTRACTION if you know what I mean.
5. We went to Logan and stayed with my Aunt Carrie. That was fun! Ben and I loved playin with the kids and the animals. They have a Wii, horses, goats, pretty much anything to keep you entertained. Carrie made me the most adorable piece of jewlery. I am going to have to post it. My aunt makes the most amazing jewlery.
6. I stopped off in Hyrum and saw my Grandma and Grandpa Anderson. I have to say it was really cool. Grandpa had some neat stories to tell. My dear gramps has seen a lot since he is 98.

7. We went to Stu and Mili's for his Birthday. Dauni came over too. It was really fun to spend time with them. I just love Mili and Stu. Such good friends and in-laws. I must say Dauni is such a fun mom-in-law! We could talk for hours if we wanted!

8. Our last stop was Jes's. I wanted to stay longer, but Charly was in no way having it! What a grump! When she gets tired or hungry, look out! She gets that from me...

This pic is too good, what a doll!

Well, we are 2/3 on Temple Attendance. That is good for us...
That day we went was NASTY. It was fun though. Dauni watches the gremlin for us. Like I said, good ma in law.
Bronson wore Charly out...
If you haven't caught on that I love tub time, you don't check out the blog nearly enough!
I am not sure if I posted this one already, but shoot...I like it so I will post it twice!
This is Jes and Elvin
Here is B and Charly. I like his hat so that is why I chose this one. Plus, I hate his hair when it is not styled! I am picky.
Finally, Bronson is not afraid to touch her!
So that is Jes, not me if the whole brown threw you off. Jes goes dark for the winter, kinda like birds going south...same scenario.
Now I know why my ma has a butt shot of me. Baby butts are cute! Don't worry, I don't leave her unattended ever since she has no idea that water and air don't jive!
Oh the Dodge. I love our truck. We don't get to drive it enough. Heck, Charly has drove it more than I have this year. Stick shift and all...that's my girl!

Keep tuned in, I will post more pictures soon!


Matt and Jodi Mitchell said...

YOu guys been BUSY! Sounds like lots of fun though! And your pictures are adorable! Can't wait to see more!

Mark and Mandi said...

O my dearest friend...this just brings back a load of memories with your family. So i pretty much love charly..i can't wait to see you guys again. How is the work going? LOVES

carrieandkids said...

I loved having you guys over. Please come and stay with me again soon. I can't wait till it is nice weather so we can actually get outside and do something. We need to get Charley on those horses. Anyways I loved having you guys. Tell Ben he has to come back soon cuz Tyson is wanting to play with him new found friend again. Love you guys!!!!

Jeri Gurney said...

OOOh! I just want to squeeze those buns!! They are totally irresistible.