Friday, April 10, 2009

Things that make your day

The Tippetts Fam really doesn't have much going on these days. The weather is getting better. A dirt bike ride would really make my day right now. I don't think a day has gone by that neither Ben or I say we need to go dirt bikin it. Ben needs a way difficult ride in which I am not good enough to go, which I am totally OK with because I am PRO LIFE. I am lusting after some open hills with good climbs and not too many rocks. They can be killers if not negotiated properly.
I have posted a lot of pictures of things that make my day. Mostly Charly right now. I hope you enjoy them as well as my new background. Ben is gonna flip at how "GIRLY" it is. Oh how I love pestering him:D
This is the jewlery my Aunt Carrie makes. The pic does not do it justice. When I say she makes the most amazing jewlery, I mean it.

One morning I woke up and found the Gremlin had torn the binding off one of my piano books. She reached over her crib and had an early morning snack...

This is Tif and her Dad. I think he is hilarious. One of those guys that is clever and funny beyond words.

We are just having a good time in Kemmerer. Rusty and Roudy, yes that is there names, are off to the left.

What a goofy kid! Tif is a great babysitter, and Charly just loves her to death.

We went and flew a kite last month. It was pretty fun, and cheap...ah yes, we love cheap!

I got lucky with a good lookin man who puts up with my frumpiness!

I hope she likes dirt bikes as much as we do. A girly girl will be challenging for me, but I am up for it...I guess. She just better like dirt bikes!

When you say, "arms up," she puts them up.

Ignore me, just look at thos eyes!


Bath time is a little more challenging as she will not sit still! I would discontinue them, but she loves them and I hate putting her to bed all grubby. It just isn't right.

This one is good. She threw up within seconds of me takin the picture, and is examining her work.

My baby loves to share. Always putting stuff in my mouth.

She looks like she got caught diggin in the cookie jar. Her Grandpa Tippetts bought her these little toys a while back. She loves the turtle. She throws a major melt down whenever I take it away. It is pretty funny.

I love her hair in the wind. What a beauty.

If this doesn't make your day, you are too far gone my friend!

I love her eyes. So intense and BIG!

If the wind would have been strong enough that day, she would have blown away with the kite!

This is near where we live currently. Ben took it. I like the shot, looks good. This one craps me up because she looks just so different. Oh how I love pictures! Hope all of these brought you up to speed on our little one!


Josh & Melissa said...

Charly seriously has the most beautiful eyes. Miss ya layce!

Jeri Gurney said...

Holly Crap. I have pictures of me in that exact park flying kites. It was close to the exact time of year too so it all looks identical. Weird! Click here and flip through these puppies

Cardon Times said...

What a little cutie! I love it! We need to get together sometime.....

Eyre Family said...

Geez Lace she is cute and I must say even cuter in person. It was fun running into you yesterday, if only we had more time... dang it. At the dunes up here they have a "lake" that is only 4 feet deep at the deepest, and it is right along the dunes, we should hit it up this summer. Odin loves it and maybe Charli would too. We have #s now so... we gotta make it happen. Anyhoo, you have a cute one!!!

Cardon Times said...

By the way...I think mine was the fluke. After Blythe waking up a couple times, I finally went in to nurse her just before 6:00. And then there was the time Boyd came and tried to sleep with me.....When will it end.

Mark and Mandi said...

what else can be expected than an absolute doll. when you going home again? we should meet up! You guys look great

Matt and Jodi Mitchell said...