Tuesday, April 28, 2009

The Infamous 1988 Hat

If you know Ben, you know he loves a good hat. You also know he has this 1988 beanie he cannot live without. It's not really a hat. He got it from his cousin Nicole's Christmas bear I do believe (Nicole if you read this, please verify....). Anyways, he has worn this puppy forever. This picture was taken in 2005 around the time we got engaged. He wears that dang thing everywhere, even to bed....ugh!

So I was under the "impression" that book was closed forever when he "thought" he lost his hat snowmobiling a couple of months ago. I was so thrilled that I even blogged about it, big stuff people!

Then we went over to his parents house for Easter. We walk in the door and say our hellos. Then Jeff tells Ben to come look at something in the bathroom. Well, it was late and I wasn't paying attention. THEN, LO AND BEHOLD, OUT STRUTS BEN WEARING THAT DARN HAT!

Only one thought swept through my mind, that hideous thing still lives! WHAT GIVES!

There is only one bright and shining hope in all of this. Ben is amazing at misplacing stuff, so I am opting it will be lost again in the future....fingers crossed. He says he is making sure to take extra care of his baby this time...whatever.

I couldn't pull all the pictures I have of Ben and this hat off my computer because I simply have A LIFE! I guess the good thing about Ben and hats is he looks DARN GOOD IN 'EM! Life could be oh so much worse I suppose:D


Aspen said...

That is funny! I will keep the hat in my prayers! (pray for it to be misplaced!) Adam had a ugly flannel shirt that got "misplaced" one day after we got married! I have no idea what happened to it! ;)

Jes and Elvin said...

He's so attached to that thing. You'll probably have to bury him in it. SAD!!! Cut the cord Ben, cut the cord!

Brent and Jenny Colvin said...

Oh my gosh, I remember that hat, and yes it came from a stuffed bear Nicole had. :) Hilarious.

NiColt said...

In order to verify that the above information is correct.. i must reply. Yes, the stocking hat came off a bear that was given to me from Grandma Sharee one Christmas. And yes, I cut it off the bear.. somehow Ben got ahold of it and the rest is history.... I guess I thought I wouldn't be needing it, since all my bears dressed in fashion. :) haha just joking

Britt said...

Ha ha thats so funny! i'm pretty sure most of the pictures I have of him he is wearing it! Its been forever! I will call you when I get a few minutes! I've been moving so life has been kind of crazy!