Tuesday, May 12, 2009


I love this time of year. Unfortunately, I will not be spending my summer in Wyoming. Wyoming summers are the best, last two months, but it will have to do. They don't get too hot and there is a nice crisp in the morning air. OH HOW I LOVE THEM! I am really going to miss Pinedale this summer. I rode my dirt bike everyday last year. We went hiking and were outdoors all the time. This is one of our hikes last year (more of a walk) around the Green River Lakes. What a beautiful area. I hope we get to go back soon!
We are going to West Yellowstone this weekend with some of Ben's family. I am excited because I have never been to Yellowstone. Yup, native Wyomingite never seen what Wyoming is known for...But alas, almost 23 (I am young yet) and taking my first trip up there. I can't wait!

As for Ben and I, we really do not have much going on. Ben is done with the semester, but still has some correspondence hud to take care off unfortunately. Oh school, what an endevour! But, Ben did manage to pull an A out of OCHEM II. We have no idea how he did it, it was a miracle. Especially considering he needs a stellar G.P.A. for his program he is trying for.

As for our Charly. She is quite the grouch these days thanks to teeth. None yet...but they are really making her a certified GREMLIN! She is crawling up our stairs, but not walking. I think she just likes to be carried everywhere. We like it though, they grow up fast! She did fall out of her crib the other day. She was TICKED because it was nap time...blah, blah, blah. If you have kids, you know that tune! It is amazing how she makes my day with her cute smiles and laughs. I love having her in my life!


Jes and Elvin said...

I need pictures!!!!

I love this picture. I've been there in summer and winter. We snowmobiled across that lake. I totally agree with ya sis. I miss the Wyoming summers. Overall, I just miss Wyoming. Utah BLOWS!!!

Shalae said...

Love that picture on your header! Have tons of fun in Yellowstone with out us. We wish we could make it. Hopefully next time. Hope you guys are feeling better with your spout of food poisioning or whatever it was. There is nothing that is worse than that!