Wednesday, May 20, 2009

11 months old

Today Charlize is 11 months old. I hear moms say all the time it goes by fast, but now I can see that time really does fly. She is such a fun baby, loads of attitude and personality. It is so bitter sweet when it comes to her growing up. I love cuddling and holding her, but then again I like her doing her own thing. Kids are just the most worth while thing I have ever done. Granted I complain a lot about no sleep, stretch marks, and weight that seems to cling on for dear life! That is all mortal drama that holds no meaning in the eternal perspecitve. She was way worth complaints!

These are just a few pictures from her 10 month folder. Jes was getting agitated that I was slacking on pictures, so eat these up. I would post more but the blogger thingy wasn't having it!

I love this picture because Ben does the most amazing job putting her to bed. I feel so inadequate as a mother:D


Mark and Mandi said...

you are such a good mom...I can only imagine. She is growing and is soooo cute! I love it. Miss you

Josh & Melissa said...

Oh my goodness! She IS getting so big. She is going to be gorgeous when she grows up....she's already so stinkin cute!

Matt and Jodi Mitchell said...

I swear...Everytime I think she couldn't POSSIBLY get any cuter, you post more pictures and WAABAAAAMMM! she's cuter.