Sunday, September 6, 2009


First of all, I have to say thanks to Shalae for the picture. She posted it on her blog so I just HAD to have one of my own:D
This is our family! We all got together this last weekend for Phil's farewell. It was fun to have us all there. I am so fortunate to say I look forward to spending time with Ben's family. It was a great weekend full of good food, laughs, and did I mention good food?
As for the traveling bit...Ben and I never cease to have to travel. We traveled on Friday back to Star Valley with Jeff's boat that got fixed here in Pocatello. After we dropped that off in SV around 4:30, we headed down to Kemmerer for Tiffany's wedding reception. Left Kemmerer around 8:30 pm. Then we drove all the way back to Pocatello and got home around 11:15. We did all of this amidst a very sick Charly and Ben having loads of school work to study for. It was crazy.
I hope this month we can stay home a weekend. We have traveled every weekend for the past two months. It is getting old. So if you want to see have to come over:D

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Shalae said...

I can relate to the being sick of traveling. That's what it felt like we were doing all summer. I am done. I just want a few months at home now.. Maybe by Thanksgiving I'll feel up for it. :) It was great talking to you over the weekend too!