Friday, October 9, 2009

Just Pictures....

Since my last post was totally not like me and was all serious, I thought I would post just some pictures...with a little description of what is going on in 'em:D

Lately, Charly really knows what the dirt bike is and absolutely has a coronary when she can't have a spin with dad. It has been a tad chilly here, so we have to bundle her all up so she can go. I swear this kid is addicted already. She can hear the dirt bike pull up to the house and books it for the door in hopes for a ride from dad. Ben is a sucker and she always gets one:D

For once Ben is smiling and she is not so happy to be taking a picture when there is a dirt bike outside aching to be rode!

What a stink!

YUP, they are just alike. Both sour things. See what I put up with!

Charly likes to wake dad up lately. She thinks it is a game to pounce on him and say "hi" as loud as possible.

Aunt Jes came up and went to town on her hair. Aren't Aunts just the funnest. Way funner than mom!

She likes to read....a lot. She doesn't like the TV a whole lot, but she knows her books and loves it when I say, "turn the page" and she gets to turn the page. It is like a treat all in itself!


Cardon Times said...

So cute! It brought a smile to my face!

Jes and Elvin said...

I love it. You live with a couple of stinkers all around.

Britt said...

Love the pictures!!! I am going to be in evanston next weekend!!! We'll have to get together! I want to see you guys sooo bad!! Charly is getting so big!

Aspen said...

She's so cute! I love her hair color!! What a lucky girl!!! Hope you guys are doing great!

Anonymous said...

Hey you two...I guess I should say three! She is beautiful!