Thursday, October 22, 2009

Time to FIGHT!!!!

Since becoming a mom, I have become more involved in what is going on around me. One thing is BIG GOVERNMENT. I know I already did a post on health care and how it is just one more way our government is trying to control us all. I feel it is our duty to know the policies being passed and what is going on with our great country...but how? It is sooo overwhelming....where do I start?

For decades now, our government has been gradually taking our freedoms away and passing bills we know little about....why?

Well I will tell you why. We are all too busy working hard and paying our taxes so those YAHOOS in Washington can keep our heads in the sand and spend our hard earned money. WELL NO MORE!

If you did read my long post on health got the jist my family is pretty deep in all of this. This is all we talk about when we get together. So, I asked my brother how to act since he is EXTREMELY proactive in all of this. He told me to sign up at He also said a bunch of other ways, but this one is the simplest for me and didn't leave me with a headache.

This site is pretty neat. It is free....but you can donate if you want. You sign up and they send you emails/letters about bills trying to be passed. You then read them and then they give you the links to all of the representatives in your county/state.

I know this takes time, but how much time do you spend checking emails, blogging, facebookin it, or other stuff on the Internet? Wouldn't you rather say I was on the Internet reading about bills and send an email to my state representatives. They even "dumb down" the bills so normal people can read them...not those clever, under the table kind of peeps in Washington. It takes ten minutes at most to read and send out emails. You can even see what bills your state representatives voted on. Then on the next can be better informed if they are doing what you are asking of them and kick em out or keep em. IT IS GREAT! This is so important.

It is our responsibility to be informed and to act. This is just a really slick way to go about it:D I am by no means a "pro" at all of this, but I can't stand on the sidelines anymore and watch this happen any longer. I am fighting for my ancestors who died to make this country great and especially for my sweet Charlize.

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Shalae said...

Great Info Lacie! Thanks for the site. I like ones that make it easy to understand as well as give useful information.

Emily Lemon said...

I love that you care about it too! Lately it just makes me sick about what is going on! We do need to stand up and let our voices be heard!