Sunday, June 6, 2010

Where Have We Been?

HI ALL! We are alive and well. I finally have my computer that I can upload stuff onto up and working (long story). So, I thought I would show a few pictures of the last couple of months. I have plenty more, but am lazy in waiting for them to load.
*First off, school is out and I have Ben all to myself, sort of. He works a lot still, and he is doing a lot of stuff for Pharmacy. We still can't believe we are finally in.
*Secondly, Charly is getting TOO smart. She counts to ten, talks all the time, knows a lot of different colors, can sing a plethora of songs (too many for me some days), knows how to say please and thank you (takes some coaxing though), knows the time-out corner and when a spanking is finally due, loves hard candy, and she just can't get enough of the dirt bikes or the truck. That is just to name a few. She is a smarty!
*Third and finally, we are working on our summer plans. I hope they entail my dirt bike, camp fires, less work (oh heaven above it better!!!!), and hopefully a sun tan!
Here we go...
I put this one in here because coming this August, Ben and I have been together for six years. AND, I still like him :D HALLELUJAH!!!

These are my garden pics. Things were growing so well, and then a freeze came through and zapped half of them. I hope second crop is better.....
Ben and I got the chance to go snowmobiling up East Fork.

Ben went snowmobiling up Togwotee with my brothers and brother-in-law. He didn't take many pics, but here are a few. As you can see, he buried his sled pretty well...WHAT A CHAMP!!!

BOY, ain't good ole WYO just the prettiest place on earth....I'D SAY!!!!!


Jes and Elvin said...

Fun pics. But I WANT MORE!!! Charly is a doll. I can't get enough of her. I love her version of "tweet, tweet". WYO is the best. Love the snow pics.

Mark and Mandi said...

i love that cheeser grin! How I miss you-last weekend i helped my mom plant the garden, too many memories...pea picker, the smell of your house, joey, peeing in the yard, night games, the cat...I hope you come to e-town soon, if not i think we will have to stop by your house via jen's house. Let me know when you come to town, I have got to see this growing girl! miss you