Friday, February 25, 2011


I wanted to tell everyone thank you for all of their wonderful comments and well-wishes posted after Rosalie was born.

Here are some random things as of late:

I hate how things are still in "limbo" for right now with a new kid.

I go back to work on Monday, YIKES! Seriously...YIKES!!!!

Two kids being sick really bites the big one.

I don't get why some people from Idaho claim Yellowstone and the Tetons, thinking that they are in Idaho. This is happening often. Idaho is GORGEOUS enough as is, these peeps don't need to claim Yellowstone or the Tetons and then have the gall to call Wyoming ugly. That leads me to another person telling me Wyoming has no mountains-did she graduate from HS?
**Disclaimer** My bro-in-law is from Idaho and does NOT do the above; clearly this does not apply to ALL Idahoans, just a very select few.

I want a minivan. Yup, me...the never-buy-a-minivan-in-her-life gal. Now, don't get me wrong, if I had 50,000 bucks kicking around AND diesel wasn't an arm and a leg...well shoot, I would have me a Duramax four-door Chev, maybe even a Tahoe with a third-row seat (if I wanted a gas).....but alas I do not, so I must settle :D
I, if any of you know of a slammin deal on a mini...shoot me a line!

I want spring/summer, one word...cabin fever

Charly has a ladybug pillow pet...its name is Boyd

Sometimes Ben and I will IM each other while we sit in our office together, not but 3 feet from each other

I really am getting used to Soy milk...maybe, do I dare say, even liking it? My family would now insert the word "granoler" next

I just got a pretty awesome piano piece for Metallica's Unforgiven. Ew, yea, totally pumped, Jes and I are going to go see George Strait and Reba.

I am wondering what really works on stretch marks, those darn blasted things.

Ben has a cousin who would do this thing on her blog called Sunday night confessions. It was hilarious and a fun way to just see what was going on in her life, get to know her personality, and she would blog the more random, funny things going on in her everyday life. So, I guess this is what I am doing. I find I only post when something "big" happens or if I want to brag (me, way!). Really though, it is the everyday things I need to cherish more and celebrate.


Cardon Times said...

Both Aaron and I laughed out loud at Charly's pillow! Sounds like you are doing awesome despite sickness! Good luck going back to work! You will rock!

Josh & Melissa said...

Laycee, Charly and Rosalie are so darn cute! They are going to be gorgeous when they grow up. I hope everything is going well and going back to work isn't too hard.

Jess said...

Lace, you are stud!

Jes and Elvin said...

Loved this post sis. It totally cracked me up. I hope Charly and Boyd are getting along well. You don't let them sleep in the same room do you?

Chelsea said...

Hey Laycee,
Steve and I wanted to tell you congratulations for little Rosalie!
The Schwabs