Sunday, March 6, 2011


I wish I had some pictures to post, but all of them are on Ben's computer. I know that when I check out blogs, for the most part I LOVE good pics.

Here is my number one complaint of the week: GASOLINE PRICES
*I am pretty annoyed with the price of gas. It so DANG expensive. What gives? SERIOUSLY! I know there is the whole middle East 'crisis' stuff going on...blah-di-blah. BUT, I just wish America would stop policing the world, but out, and start taking care of the home-front. I don't need to explain myself any further...ya'll get my drift!

*Charly calls applesauce, apple soup. She loves the stuff. Me, personally, hates changing the diapers it produces.

*Potty training, pretty freaked out by the process. All I can think of is poop and pee all over the house, instead of in the toilet or a diaper. No, I haven' started yet. Any tips are welcome.

*March is here. It is a good month simply because my Ma and Sis both have their B-days this month.

*I think I am officially a mom now. I caught myself singing the theme songs to Word World and Super Why while folding laundry and COULD NOT for the life of me get them out of my head.

*I survived my first week back from work. Lets see what week two does to me.

*Rosalie is smiling.

*Charly is mini me. I swear, some days all I do is trip over her because she is following me around and doing everything I do.

*Toys, I love them...but Charly has lost ALL interest in them and says things like, "I don't want to play with my toys, they are dumb."

*We are blessing Rosalie this weekend. Gonna be pretty hectic around here. I wonder when blessings became such a production...kinda like farewell's and all that stuff. I guess it is another reason to get together with family...and do what us Bennetts do and EAT!!!!

*Jes posted something about me on her now it is YOUR TURN. When I was little, Jescee would brush my hair with this lime-green brush in a not-so-nice kinda way. When I would protest, she would WHACK me with that thing...pretty much like a batter at the plate. And no Jes, I ain't a lyin!

I hope to get some pics posted soon. For those of you who are like me and don't like to read more than necessary...welp, I wouldn't spend too long on this blog post :D


Anonymous said...

On the potty issue. We got those crazy bands and every time Clairee would go to the bathroom she got a band, and if she pooped she got 3. Then if there was an accident I would take 2 bands back, and if she went pee again she got 1 back. I know you are in the middle of town, but taking Clairee pee outside made her want to go. Oh back to the bands, at night I let her trade them in for pennies, and if she had gone poop in the potty she got a nickel. Hope this gives younsome ideas! Miss ya!

Cardon Times said...

You crack me up! And I so hear you on the gas prices! Seriously...a lot of people are cutting back more than they should...Grrrr....

Potty training is different for every child. I would first get her to be successful on the potty. And then go at it. And just when your ready to give up, something will give. What motivates her? And I would not stick her in pull ups unless she is sleeping. While she is awake keep her in undies or let her go commando! (I have never done that but I know other people who have had success! Good luck!

Jes and Elvin said...

No potty training advice here, but I do remember the brush incidents. If you would have combed your ratty hair I wound't have had to swat ya. So's your own damn fault (now who do I sound like?) You still love me despite all the trauma I caused right?