Sunday, April 3, 2011

Just a few pictures

Hey all! Just wanted to say Reba and George were AMAZING! My sis and I totally digged the show and had raspy voices by the end of the night from singing and going crazy like we were 18 again with our 18-year-old was a sight!!!!

As for me and the fam, we are doin'. Kids are great. We are just hanging in there for spring and this semester to be over. It is a butt-kicker for sure, but what did we expect when we started pharmacy school...

Enjoy my little munchkin and my little mutt. I call Charlee the mutt because she won't leave hair in and always looks like a stray mutt. Rosalie is just a munchkin. So cute and lovey.

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Mark and Mandi said...

Look at those cute girls-who woulda thought you with girls :D Just put a pic of their momma in their and it will be even more beautiful!!!