Monday, November 2, 2009

Get ready for pictures


My sweet piglet. This is a 3-6 mo. outfit that was too big last year and a bit snug this year. BUT, she made it look good!

Bathing in the sink. We didn't intend to do it, but she just got so wet that we stripped 'er down.

For once I am willing to take a picture and she is a turd...


We went to Logan during October to see the Pumpkin walk and hear President Eyring speak at my sister's stake. It was really fun. I like the caveman. Looked real!

This is fitting as she kinda inherited my "Yoda" ears as a baby. Not near as bad as mine. ONE of my nicknames growing up was Yoda.

While Elvin was holding her, her diaper leaked. He definitely doesn't want kids now...sorry sis:D

No commentary needed.

This is a Band-Aide themed pumpkin. See the band aide on his rear?

Charly wanted out of that car seat!

Play that guitar leg! What a cutie!

This is about a 5 on the stink eye scale. I was getting after her for taking my carmex. This is her reply. JUST LIKE HER DAD!!!

She always looks so messy. Juice stains and crazy hair. I guess that is something to work on eh?

This is the infamous Mama Brit and her sister Tif. Many, many thanks to Brit for an amazing hair cut and the discount price. I LOVE YA!

Just hanging at the Bear in E-town.

I love her face in this one!

Jes, Charly, Ma, and BUTCH the hound. Nice day at the Bear.

Grandma Bennett loves to spoil. She bought her this shopping cart, which stays in Evanston because I have no desire to be tripping over it around the house or leave it outside for other kids to seek and destroy.

Grandma and Charly. Charly is a sucker for grandma.

WAHOOO for me! I posted a whole months worth of pictures, granted I had to be selective because I have a lot! I feel pretty darn good now that Jes can see them and not even have to ask this time for me to post em! Maybe I am breaking the cycle...who knows.


Anonymous said...

She is such a cutie! I love the piggy costume.

Megan said...

Great pictures!! She is getting SOOO big! I LOVE LOVE her red hair!

Brian & Sandy said...

lots of fun pictures laycee! charlie hair! so fun! sounds like you had fun at the pumpkin walk, love that little activity. hope to see you sometime soon!

Mark and Mandi said...

Laycee-you look SO INCREDIBLY good, not to mention the rest of the fam! When you moving here :D